Their World

The World of Tom and Piper

The world has changed since the old ways ended three hundred years ago. It started with climate change and wars between nations to secure energy resources and fresh water, but it did not end there. Genetically engineering created diseases that ravaged the world, and cities burned as populations collapsed even in the richest and safest of nations.

The old ways ended in an overheated world of chemical pollution, radiation, and created disease.

 Not everyone died; however, as small groups of people survived in many places, hiding in the ruins of their collapsed civilizations. These people learned to survive in this new world, they preserved knowledge by collecting books, and they created the beginnings of communities that would last centuries.

The world was still changing; however, as many of the land animals disappeared or changed as well. Chemical air and water pollution, radioactive fallout, even the lingering effects of generic engineering affected animal populations in many ways.

This section will give some details about the world and some of the important characters. Under construction.