Tom and Piper
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The Adventures of Tom and Piper

Tom and Piper grew up in neighboring villages, but did not meet until they were fifteen years old. Currently, three novels are in development, with more planned.

Tom and Piper Book One: The Tower Ruins

Our young heroes join forces to explore one of the towers left behind by the ancients.

Tom and Piper Book Two: The Ghost Ship

When children in a nearby fishing village report a strange ship, our young heroes decide to investigate.

Tom and Piper Book Three: The Sunken City

The ancients left a lot of ruins scattered across the land when they vanished, but the greatest of those ruins is the Great Sunken City far to the west. Our young heroes travel to that far-off city in search of missing family members.

This is obviously only placeholder text, once I get to third drafts I will include sample from the text of the novels.


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