Privacy Policy

Your information and privacy is safe!

Cookies, Advertisements, and Tracking

We do not use cookies to track users or store personal information. If you become a member with login privileges (beta readers, for example), your browser may store convenience information, but visitors are not assigned cookies for tracking purposes.

We do not display third-party ads on the Tom and Piper Adventures site. 

We do use basic google analytics, for the purposes of developing a better website using statistical information, but we do not use any advanced features like audience demographics. If you are interested in learning more, you can find out more information from google.

Email and Personal Information

We will never sell or share your information with others, and will only contact you when we have something free or a new book in a series that may be of interest to you. What this means depends on which category of user you are (see below), and you can opt out at any time. We will not send newsletters more frequently than every month, and probably not more often than twice a year.

Additional Beta Reader Information

We will contact beta readers once or twice per year to offer up new books to beta read. We will also communicate during the beta read process, as we send you chapters and you send feedback in return. At the end of the beta process, one active beta reader will be randomly selected for a prize (to be determined in the first offer email). Finally, when the book is ready, and advance reader copies are available, we will send information about those to the entire beta reader list as well.

Advance Copy Reader Information

We will contact advance readers when a new ARC is available, and will follow up with an email asking "if you read the book, what did you think" a number of weeks later. We hope that advance readers will post brief reviews or send us a testimonial, but we welcome any feedback. You do not need to worry about being spammed with requests for 5-star reviews and long book reports.

New Book Notification List

Anyone that wants to receive updates on upcoming books and offers will receive emails a few weeks before that book becomes available, and when the book is free for promotional periods. Emails will be infrequent, probably only several times a year in the beginning.

Anyone who contacts the author directly

Anyone that contacts Stphen directly, via email or otherwise, will not be added to the above lists (unless that is a specific request) and all correspondence will be direct. There will be no offer or announcement emails or other spam.