Their World

The World of Tom and Piper

The world has changed since the old ways ended a hundred years ago, but the people of Palmer Village have a comfortable life. The village itself is located less than thirty minutes from the shores of a large lake, and is surrounded by rich farmland and orchards. Resource gathering camps have been set up nearby, and the occasional trader or explorer brings things that are not produced locally.

West of Palmer Village, the river settlement of Trentbridge can be reached in less than a day. Farther West, additional communities exist, but Palmer seldom deals with them. Several days further West, there are immense and dangerous ruins. To the East, there are several small farming settlements, and a large town set on the outskirts of another large ruin.

Map of the Palmer Bell region.

The Fishing Camp is a walled camp with an overnight lodge, drying racks, and a hut for building and maintaining small boats. Fishers will stay at the camp for several days before returning to Palmer, with someone always at the camp.

Bayshore is mainly an irrigated farming camp, with several storage sheds and an overnight lodge. Farmers usually overnight at Palmer, but one or two always stays at the farm for security against animals.

The Swamp camp has storage on the second floor of an old ruin in the middle of a large swamp, but is too dangerous for overnight stays so there is no lodge. This camp collects a variety of resources, including cattails, clay, and a variety of shellfish. The swamp camp is also the base for boats used to cross the river to the ruins of the old city.

Tom was born in Palmer, and spent most of his life within a two hour walk of the great tower.

Piper was born on a farm near Picton, but spent most of her life in Picton.