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Beta Reader

Beta readers receive early access to books, up to a year before they are published. As a beta reader, you are under no obligation to read, critique, or review any received books, but if you do you will be entered in a giveaway contest (see below).

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Advance Reader Copies

500 copies of each book will be given away for free. If you wish to be notified, sign up to the ARC mailing list, or check back here starting in November. If you have friends who might enjoy my books, please encourage them to register as well. If we have more than 500 signup and you are not selected, I will email you when the book is on a free promotion.

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You are encouraged to write a short review or send the Stephen feedback about what you loved (or did not love) about the book. If you provide some kind of feedback, so I know you read at least some of the book, you will be entered in a giveaway contest (see below).


Giveaways and Contests

Everyone who helps with the beta reading process or reads an advance copy will be entered into one or more giveaways as a thank you for helping. See the Policies page for more details, but in general the details will be announced before Beta or ARC copies are sent out, with prize values under $100 USD.